Nebula is Zyxel's answer to cloud-based device management. Cloud-based device management provides network administrators with a more streamlined approach to remote management. No longer are administrators required to establish VPN or port forwarding to allow basic remote access to their devices!
This course consists of 5 hours of instruction videos plus respective ebooks for each module. Each module has a Quiz where you can check your knowledge. After finishing all modules, the exam will be unlocked.

New Version Now Available

- New Content for Nebula v11
- New Licensing Model added
- USG Flex on Nebula added
 -Minor Improvements

Your Instructor: Phillipe Piris

Senior Technical Support Engineer
In his role as Senior Technical Support Engineer at Zyxel, Phillipe Piris solves customer inquiries of all kinds and does successful work in the technical support and advice of our customers. After graduating as a state exam. Electrical engineer (information / system technology) in 2015, he joined Zyxel, where he has now been successfully helping our customers for almost 5 years to help them realize their visions.

In this ZCNE Online Training you can experience the following content: