ZCNP Foundation - v1.0 EN

Networks are everywhere, playing a highly engaging role in our daily lives. Personal users rely on them to search for information, stream media, and socialize online. Enterprise users depend on networks to enhance efficiency.
In this program, we will introduce network fundamentals as well as routine protocols. After completing the courses, participants will be able to manage their own networks and troubleshoot some common network issues.

Benefits of our training program

Through the ZCNP Fundamentals series of courses, students will achieve the following:
  • A basic understanding of network layers and utility
  • Knowledge of how data is processed in an Ethernet
  • Knowledge of how data is processed in an IP Network- A basic understanding of Virtual LAN
  • Knowledge of the difference between TCP/UDP, network port, and its utility
  • An understanding of the DHCP process
  • Knowledge of domain name system structure and DNS query process

Your Instructor: 
Barney Gregorio

Senior Technical Support Engineer
About barney
With over 5 years working as senior technical support and publishing several technical documents for Routing and Switching, Barney Gregorio has over 100 worldwide training experience across Europe, United States, and other South-East Asian countries. He is highly skilled in analyzing and troubleshooting networ issues. He has also acted as a technical consultant for key partners by providing assistance and advice for developing projects.