ZCNP Wireless LAN - v1.0 EN

Wireless LAN technology has developed rapidly over the past decade, becoming more popular and widely used. Today, we use free Wi-Fi service in hotels, restaurants, train stations, and other public areas. While enjoying the benefits of Wi-Fi, it’s important to understand the mechanism behind it and what factors could interfere with Wi-Fi communication and result in unstable performance.
In this program, we will introduce wireless LAN structure and related technologies. After completing this series of courses, participants will be able to manage their own wireless network and ensure the appropriate environment for Wi-Fi communication.

Benefits of our training program

Through the ZCNP Wireless LAN series of courses, students will achieve the following:
  • An understanding of wireless LAN structure
  • Knowledge of the components and accessories included in wireless LAN
  • An understanding of how radio frequency is structured for use in wireless LAN
  • Knowledge of how wireless LAN manages traffic among multiple devices
  • A basic knowledge of commonly seen managed frames in wireless LAN
  • A basic knowledge of mechanisms used to enhance wireless security
  • Knowledge about standards and organizations related to wireless LAN